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F Yeah Usability!

If you want to make products that people care about,
you have to care about the people who will use them.

Football fan without a team

Montana doesn’t have an NFL team, so I don’t have a natural loyalty, but I’ve developed a set of rules that help me decide which teams I should cheer for.

1. Cheer for the team of the city you live in.
2. Cheer for the team your friends are cheering for.
3. Cheer for the team that is closest to Montana.
4. Cheer for the team that’s from a city you used to live in.
5. Cheer for the team whose jerseys you prefer.
6. Cheer for the underdog.

The rules are listed in priority order. Take away: my teams this weekend are the Seahawks and the Broncos via rules 1 and 3 respectively!

"Let it Go" is not just for tweens: a 20-something’s lament

NPR got really excited about how “Let it Go" really speaks to tweens. To which I said, “UMMM… it is clearly an emotional ballad relevant to every 20-something everywhere.” 

Here is a list of 20-something strugz where “Let it Go” is definitely the song you want to be listening to: 

You’re re-reading your college journal entries in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep due to your quarter life crisis. You’re realizing how much you really have grown in the last few years! Go you! This little diddy might be stuck in your head: It’s funny how some distance / makes everything seem small / and the fears that once controlled me / can’t get to me at all


You’re working on a presentation that you are totally going to rock because you are excellent at your job and have an abundance of charisma and confidence and the badass skillz to back it up. You might be humming: It’s time to see what I can do / test the limits and break through / no right, no wrong, no rules for me / I’m free!

You’re playing Dance Central 3 and you totally just nailed that really hard Kelly Clarkson song that you have been trying to get right for-ever. You are unstoppable. You can do fucking anything! You sing: My power flurries through the air into the ground / My soul is spiraling like frozen fractals all around / And one thought crystalizes like an icy blast / I’m never going back the past is in the past


You’re home for the holidays and on the long drive to your gramma’s house that you’ve driven a hundred time but have never really stopped to notice how beautiful the trip is and how special it feels now that you live so far away. But you also never felt like you “fit in” at home, so it’s bittersweet. You belt (you are alone in your car after all): Let it go, let it go / I am one with the wind and sky / Let it go, let it go / they’ll never see me cry


You got out of bed today even though you really didn’t want to. Turn up the headphones: Let it go, let it go / And I’ll rise like the break of dawn / Let it go, let it go / That perfect girl is gone


Some caddy bitches are being caddy bitches. *shrug* and say: The cold never bothered me anyway.

The ABC’s of Kate’s Browser

I’m fascinated by how much of my web navigation happens by me typing a single letter into my address bar and clicking enter. Here are the Chrome auto-complete websites that result from me entering a single letter of the alphabet. There are a few letters missing, start up founders! Your weird start up name could fill that slot!!

A - American Federal Savings Bank (my home town bank)

B - (internal work tool)

C - Connector Ride (reserves my shuttle to and from work)

D - Delta 

E - …nada… E is open, everyone

F - Facebook. Duh.

G - Gmail. Duh.

H - Hulu (a bit of an addiction really…)

I - Instagram

J - …zilch… J is up for grabs

K - Kayak

L - LinkedIn LOL

M - My team’s SharePoint site

N - Nordstrom Card Payment system (shop in stores, pay online, I guess)

O - Outlook

P - Pinterest

Q - …silence…

R - Rdio

S - (internal work tool)

T - Twitter


V - Venmo <3

W - http://www.hulu.com/watch/578562 (well that’s really random)


Y - Yammer

Z - …end with notabang…

So. I don’t really know why any of you would find this interesting. I just wanted to find out. And then I wanted to write it down. And at that point, I figured I might as well blog it!

You can let me know what your *highly facinating E, J, Q, and Z auto-completes are, and help me fill the holes in my browser ABCs. :)

Clothing Trends Guys Hate: Explained


Men. Fashion icons. Men. Men who have worn button-down shirts for almost 2000 years. Men who were born wearing charity run promotional t-shirts and Heineken boxers. These are the men that have opinions on the outfits I choose to wear. According to this article on the HuffPost, these men—decked out in basketball shorts though they have not run for years—realllllly hate our clothing. They also believe that we need to hear about it. Oh! OH! Thank you, Oh Lord in And1 Sweatshirt From HS!  I greatly appreciate the advice! I only dress solely for you and old people, who seem to be the most vocal about my dresses!  Still, in the words of “CARRIE BRADSHAW” it got me to thinking. I’d like to explain myself. I don’t want you to think I don’t love you guys and need to look like a constant walking fuck machine for you! So I’ve come up with a counter-list, explaining why I wear the crazy trends I do: 

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Uh-greed. Fashion is for fun. Not for impressing boys. :)

"Don’t be cool. Be passionate. Be dedicated. Be tenacious. Be uncompromising. Be pissed. Be happy. Be sad."

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Word, JT.

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Waking up in my freezing apartment every morning



Hashtag words to live by

Hashtag words to live by

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Make me a playlist? Sho thing.

So a couple people have requested playlist recently for fun-zies, and after a fantastic Justin Townes Earle concert tonight, I was feeling inspired so I whipped up a few. They were made with people in mind, but I thought I’d share ‘em here anyway. The first two I made are for a friend’s cross-country road trip.

Here are the track lists along with a few of my notes (aka what I would blurt out if I were actually in the car listening with her).

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